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As part of Pearson, we leverage relationships, solutions, services, technology, tools and best practices that only a global leader in education can provide, curating these resources based on your workforce development objectives and employee needs.

Our programs aren't just discounts on tuition. Our managed education services can help make you an employer of choice.

Advanced Experience in Education.

Our unique insight and world-class expertise comes from a long history of working closely with learners, teachers, researchers, authors, thought leaders and companies. Our size, stability, reputation and deep skills help us create change at a scale that powerfully improves the companies and academic partners we work with — and most importantly, the individuals whose lives we impact through learning.

Big Ambitions for Organizations in Any Industry.

We consult with our clients to diagnose their business challenges and design programs that align to the needs of your business. This includes implementing an educational ecosystem that provides upskilling opportunities to employees as technology, markets and traditional industry competitors change.

Personal Attention for Your People.

Our experience supporting learners of every age has shown us that academic advisors, success coaches and mentors play a crucial role in learning completions. This level of support informs, guides, motivates and encourages employees about potential educational pathways, their connections to career paths and requirements for participation. These services are missing from most traditional tuition reimbursement programs, which are often structured to support those who’ve already received their first degree.

Results to Write Home About.

Our clients have seen tangible results at the start of our programs because we implement programs that help all learners overcome barriers to participation. This can include increased employee engagement, increased retention, higher productivity, improved skill sets and increased brand loyalty.

Education assistance shouldn’t be treated like a box-checked during an open enrollment period — it’s a strategic benefit that can make your organization a top place to work. Pearson Accelerated Pathways is uniquely equipped to upskill and reskill your talent—and deliver positive returns to your bottom line. We have the reputation, history and proven track record for making lifelong learning an imperative for every employee.

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