10 Name Brand Colleges That Accept CLEP College Credit


10 Name Brand Colleges That Accept CLEP College CreditUpdated: October 2018

One of the common concerns of adding CLEP exams to your college repertoire is the inability to transfer the credit to “good” schools. However, this may be a misconception. While CLEP isn’t the most transferable source of credit, it’s still an excellent way to save some money on college.

And Podunk University isn’t the only college which accepts it.

In fact, CLEP exams are more popular than ever, currently accepted at more than 2,900 schools across the United States. So if want to cut down on your college costs, but you still want to get your undergrad from a well-known university, this list might help you out.

Here are 10 name brand colleges that accept CLEP college credit:

1. University of Massachusetts

UMass is one of those storied institutions you might think is not innovative enough to accept a large number of college credits through CLEP, but they are. UMass awards college credit for 31 different CLEP exams. And for 11 of those CLEP exams, they award 6 college credits.

2. University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida is one of the largest colleges in the US and they are very CLEP friendly. UCF awards college credit for 34 different CLEP exams. At UCF, one college credit can cost you $212. A CLEP exam that’s worth just 3 college credits will only cost you $29 per credit hour. A 6-credit exam will cost you $14. You do the math.

3. Texas A&M University

In the state of Texas, Aggie pride runs deep, and so does the price of admission. One college credit for a Texas resident can cost $339. But, pass the Chemistry CLEP, for example, and A&M will award you 8 college credits, which will only cost you $14 per credit hour.

4. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona awards a generous amount of college credit to students who pass CLEP exams. At a staggering $1,087 per credit for incoming freshman, you could save over $6K by taking just one 6-credit CLEP exam.

5. Michigan State University

Michigan State University awards college credit for 30 CLEP exams. For residents, MSU’s cost-per-credit hour is $452. For non-residents, it is $1,212. If you want a degree from MSU, take a few CLEP exams and spend that extra money on some premium Ramen.

6. University of Kentucky

Residents of the great state of Kentucky will pay $364 per credit to attend UK. Ouch. But, Kentucky awards college credit for 21 different CLEP exams, which can save you thousands of dollars in tuition fees.

7. University of San Diego

College at the beach? Yeah, that’s not a bad gig, but the social experience will cost you $22K per semester. You can cut a chunk of your tuition down thanks to USD awarding college credit for 15 CLEP exams.

8. Colorado State University

Colorado State University has a strong reputation for quality. And because they have some very forward-thinking educators, CSU awards college credit for 29 CLEP exams.

9. Purdue

Purdue is also very CLEP friendly. For example, they can award you 8 college credits just for passing the Biology CLEP exam. And by earning those 8 college credits through CLEP, your cost-per-credit hour falls to about $12.

10. University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin has a mega undergrad program that attracts students from around the world. Despite being so big, they have a flexible CLEP policy—Wisconsin allows you to take up to 13 CLEP exams.

These aren’t the only schools who offer the cost savings of alternative credit. Accelerated Pathways students graduate from over 100 institutions, using a variety of cost-saving alternative credit sources (including CLEP) to save thousands of dollars on college. In fact, 94% of Accelerated Pathways students end up graduating entirely debt free.

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