Earn your GED online for no cost while you work.


 Advancing your education is an investment in your future, YOU are worth the investment! 

We built the Manpower MyPath GED program for your success. Are you ready to get started?

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Fill out the form to get started

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The Manpower MyPath GED Program is built for your success.

Materials are provided at no cost to you, and practice tests are provided along the way to help guide your learning. 

With personal coaches from Pearson, the world's learning company, you will be supported every step of the way.

Access your student account anytime, anywhere. All materials are online and available around your schedule. 

This custom program is only available to actively working eligible Manpower associates. 

Our associates achieve more.

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I did my GED because I want to go to a university. It's easy to start but you need Faith and Determination to get to the finish line.

- LaClar, MyPath GED Graduate


Getting my GED has always been something I have wanted to do I struggled in school with being bullied and no matter what efforts I made it would never stop. So I dropped out. I never wanted to be a high school dropout as I have always had big plans to go to college and be the first in my close family to do so. Now with having my GED, I can pursue what I have always wanted to do. My mom passed away almost 7 years ago but I know I have made her proud with this accomplishment.

- Amy, MyPath GED Graduate

For anyone getting your GED or Diploma is a significant accomplishment, but for me, it means much more. Not only did this open up many opportunities for me in the workforce, but now I can pursue my dream of either becoming a cop or joining my dad in the automotive industry as a mechanic. Thank you to Manpower and my GED advisor Kari for this opportunity.

- Austin, MyPath GED Graduate

I knew that I had to get my GED and that if and when I wanted to further my education, I`d be able to. I have dreams that I could achieve only if I had a diploma or GED.

- Kevin, MyPath GED Graduate


I want a better job opportunity and to prove to myself and others that no matter what age you are, or what obstacles come your way, it’s never late nor impossible to reach your goals or achieve your dreams

 - Cynthia, MyPath GED Graduate

You can do this. You deserve this.

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