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Congratulations on your GED! Now, take your success to the next level with a college degree.

With Accelerated Pathways, you can earn your degree while working or taking care of family. Our flexible degree plans fit around your life and our free advising allows you to find the best online degree program for your life and your goals.

These degree plans are tailored to your specific needs and designed to save you money while allowing you to study on your schedule.

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How it works


Meet with an advisor

After you fill out a form, you'll meet with an advisor to go over things like schedule, budget, degree choice, lifestyle and more.


Get degree options

Advisors comb through thousands of degree options to provide you with the best options for cost savings and time to completion plans for a handful of programs that meet your needs.


Choose your program

You'll be empowered with choices for less expensive, and quicker degrees (or courses) from the schools you choose.


Receive ongoing support

Your advisors will be there at each step of the journey to provide ongoing support to achieve your educational goals!

Go further with a college degree.

We'll help you take online, self-directed college courses before enrolling in a college, saving you both time and money on your degree. By aligning the courses you take through us to your school’s transfer credit policy, we can guarantee the credit you earn will be accepted by the college you want to graduate from.

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With a degree through Accelerated Pathways, you’ll have access to:

Self-paced Courses:

Take classes on your time. Go lightning fast or slow and steady — you decide.

College Advising

You'll have access to a team of experts who will help you compare options and guarantee everything transfers seamlessly to your chosen college or university.


No more clunky, expensive textbooks. Each course includes the relevant materials in a digital format. 


No assignment deadlines, no pre-scheduled exams, no commuting to class. Courses are designed to fit your schedule.  

Featured student testimonial

"Because of Accelerated Pathways I was able to travel a lot and experience different things outside of school. Going to college through Accelerated Pathways allowed me the freedom to do that and I didn’t feel like I had to sit in class or waste time studying for credits I didn’t need. ."

- Cheyenne Smith, Accelerated Pathways Graduate

Wyatt Lieberman

Accelerated Pathways Student

“[With Accelerated Pathways], school didn’t have to be this thing that tied me down. I was able to invest time in other things and people in ways that would have been much harder if I was doing college another way.”

Chloe Roberts

Accelerated Pathways Student

“My schedule changes all the time. Regardless of what my life looks like, I can fit school in sometime [with Accelerated Pathways.]”

Caitlin Campbell

Accelerated Pathways Student

“Accelerated Pathways has allowed me to pursue my dreams and helped me reach my goal of competing for Team Canada internationally. I can honestly say I don't know if this would have been possible if I had been in a classroom.”

Jonah Wilson

Accelerated Pathways Student

“[With Accelerated Pathways], you’re not held to a specific structure. It’s something you can customize.”

Allisoh Lohr

Accelerated Pathways Student

“Accelerated Pathways let me put school second so I could put life first.”

Abraham Chen

Accelerated Pathways Student

“[Accelerated Pathways is] a program where you get to do what you want. It’s all about what you want to do.”

Josiah Lloyd

Accelerated Pathways Student

“Through Accelerated Pathways, I’ve learned that opportunities are not something to shy away from.”

Molly Weber

Accelerated Pathways Student

“Accelerated Pathways helped me think bigger, broaden my horizons, and think about what I could really do.”

Carla Thompson

Accelerated Pathways Student

“If you want to be surrounded by a community of people who care about you, then [studying with Accelerated Pathways] is a beautiful place to be.”

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