Maximize your tuition reimbursement dollars

By reducing your college costs, we'll help your tuition assistance go further, saving you even more on out-of-pocket costs.

Students lose 43% of college credits during college transfer.

We can help you avoid losing hard-earned college credits by building a degree plan that outlines how your previously-earned credit can transfer into the college of your choice. And we'll even help you find other ways to save money on your bachelor's degree in the process!

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of college graduates entering the workforce carry tuition debt. 


Why you will love this program

100% online

Complete your bachelor's degree from anywhere, within a flexible timeframe that fits your schedule. All you need to study is a computer, an internet connection, and a webcam for exam proctoring.

Hundreds of majors

Major in a field you are passionate about. Pearson supports almost every major and will work with you to find one that aligns with your goals and employer tuition program guidelines.

Over 2,000 regionally accredited colleges

Graduate from the college of your choice. All courses taken through Pearson are offered by regionally accredited institutions to provide maximum transferability.  We guarantee your course will transfer, or we will give you your money back plus $1,000 for your lost time.

Flexible start dates

Register for your courses and submit your tuition application immediately after finalizing your degree plan with your advisor - no waiting around for the next semester.

Personalized support

Our team of experts will help you know exactly what courses to take and when to take them, and your success coach will be there along the way to help you navigate the challenging landscape of studying, while balancing work and family.

Graduate with little to no debt

Private colleges charge an average of $1,200 per credit! Out-of-state tuition costs an average of $796 per credit, and in-state tuition averages $341 per credit. Pearson’s courses start at $225 per credit and includes course materials —some of the most affordable credit on the market

Maximize your tuition assistance benefit

By working with you to get the most credits transferred in, guaranteeing the transfer of Pearson course credits, reducing your overall college costs, and providing flexible learning options, we will help your tuition assistance go further, saving you time and even more on out-of-pocket expenses.

Flexible Learning Mode

We offer courses in multiple learning modes: some course options are completely self-paced, and others are instructor-led. This gives you the flexibility to complete your coursework in the mode that works best for you.

Covered by Tuition Assistance

Through the Pearson partnership, you will be able to maximize your annual tuition benefits and reduce your out-of-pocket expenses which allows you to put more focus on completing the courses needed for degree attainment.

A game plan for success:

1. Request Advising Session
Fill out the form
at the top of the page to request a free advising session.

2. Build your degree
You'll be connected with a personal advisor who will help you choose the best college and major for you. We’ll customize your plan with low-cost courses (building savings right into your degree). We’ll also help you plan out your course timing, so you graduate on your schedule. 

3. Start studying
Now, the power is in your hands. Purchase your courses and start studying at any time. 

4. Graduate
Once you’ve completed your online college courses through us, we’ll help you transfer into the college you chose to take your final courses and graduate. 

Advising through Pearson and Edcor is provided at no cost to you. Let us help you build a better plan for your future.

Cost Breakdown


Advising Fee 

Self-Paced Course

Instructor-Led Course 

Out-of-Pocket Cost








You Pay




*No cost if following employer tuition reimbursement policy and guidelines for reimbursement.